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The Cerebrovascular Disease Knowledge Portal enables browsing, searching, and analysis of human genetic information linked to cerebrovascular disease and related traits, while protecting the integrity and confidentiality of the underlying data.

Summary statistics from published papers are available for download. Go to the Downloads page
The Data Discovery interface of the American Heart Association Institute for Precision Cardiovascular Medicine allows you to request access to specific datasets in a researcher workspace. Go to the Data Discovery interface

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The Knowledge Portal Network is an infrastructure that integrates, interprets, and presents human genetic data to spark insights into complex diseases.

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Please use the following citation when referring to data accessed via this portal: Cerebrovascular Disease Knowledge Portal, NINDS grant # 1R24NS092983. Year Month Date of access; URL of page you are citing. Also cite any paper(s) in which the data were published.

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About the project

The Knowledge Portal is being developed by a team of scientists and software engineers at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard along with collaborators from Massachusetts General Hospital and many other institutions across the globe. We welcome the involvement of interested researchers. If you would like to contribute data or participate in analyses, please contact us.

The following organizations provide funding:


Funding for development of the Knowledge Portal software infrastructure was provided by the Accelerating Medicines Partnership in Type 2 Diabetes.