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These results are from published papers and are available for download. Please note that while some of the datasets may be similar to those featured on the portal they are not always an exact match. These datasets are provided as is by their publishing author and the associated paper may be referenced for information in regards to filtering and QC. Please note that any publication arising directly or indirectly from these data must cite the appropriate publication.


PubMed Central IDTitleDownload filesREADME file
PMC3122147Genome-wide association studies of cerebral white matter lesion burden: the CHARGE consortium.  
PMC3490334Genetic risk factors for ischaemic stroke and its subtypes (the METASTROKE collaboration): a meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies.3490334.Traylor.2012.zipREADME
PMC3980413Meta-analysis of Genome-wide Association Studies Identifies 1q22 as a Susceptibility Locus for Intracerebral Hemorrhage.3980413.Woo.2014.zipREADME
PMC4427240Multiethnic genome-wide association study of cerebral white matter hyperintensities on MRI.  
PMC4912948Loci associated with ischaemic stroke and its subtypes (SiGN): a genome-wide association
PMC4818561Low-frequency and common genetic variation in ischemic stroke: The METASTROKE collaboration.4818561.Malik.2016.zipREADME
PMC5366092Genetic variation at 16q24.2 is associated with small vessel stroke.  
Publication pendingDiscovery of a novel locus and inverse causal associations between LDL cholesterol concentration and risk of intracerebral hemorrhage. 
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